Sustainability and values

Siderweld S.r.l. carries out its production activities in compliance with current environmental and occupational safety and hygiene regulations; it is constantly committed to reducing the environmental impact and sources of risk of its activities and to preventing any possible hazards for company personnel and the population of nearby communities.
The company pursues the objective of controlling and updating its working methods in order to adopt the best technologies available on the market for protecting the processes and human resources employed.

At Siderweld, sustainability is achieved through an ongoing commitment to implement and value ESG criteria:

  • Environmental, which concerns the impact on the environment and territory;
  • Social, which includes all initiatives with a social impact;
  • Governance, which concerns more internal aspects of the company and its administration.

The Company and Sustainability

How Siderweld exercises its mandate

Customer orientation

Paying attention to the needs of the market and its evolutions, with the resolution of technical and commercial issues, for meeting the customers' requirements and ensuring their full satisfaction.

Attention to the human capital

Understanding the needs of company personnel and promoting their involvement and awareness in the implementation of specific activities. Fostering professional growth through training and promotion of the socio-economic well-being of everyone.

Pursuit of sustainability

Siderweld's management intends to consciously pursue sustainability as an effective tool for governing all activities by orienting the results towards full compliance with environmental, social and governance criteria.

Choosing innovation

Ensuring the continuous upgrading and updating of structures, machines, plants and production processes, for achieving continuous improvement in working conditions, product quality, company productivity and the competitiveness of the company on the global market.

Our products

Gas-shielded MIG arc welding wires
Gas-shielded TIG arc welding rods with infusible electrode