Siderweld pursues high and consistent product quality, punctually committing itself to the use of cutting-edge raw materials, to the operation and continuous monitoring of its exclusive production process, to the constant implementation of its quality management system, all in the aim of guaranteeing the best welding performance.

The effective and punctual after-sales technical support service guarantees full satisfaction for the customer as a privileged interlocutor.

At Siderweld, quality is implemented through:

  • The best raw materials;
  • Consolidated technical and technological know-how;
  • A unique, constantly monitored production process.

Procurement of raw materials

The selection of the main raw material used for the production of welding wire, the wire rod, is carried out by means of an accurate and carefully monitored supply selection process. A quality welding wire is the result not only of an advanced technological process but also of carefully selected raw materials. More specifically, the wire rod used in the Siderweld welding wire production process:

  • is produced at a single steel mill, one of the most qualified in Europe;
  • is characterised by an accurate control of the chemical composition thanks to the DRI/EAF technology that allows for the reduction of impurities to minimal and negligible levels;
  • is the product of a manufacturing process that aims to reduce the carbon footprint, with the goal of attaining carbon neutrality.

Consolidated technical and technological know-how

The company’s high level of know-how allows for manufacturing a quality product, which is the result of a reliable, constant and optimised process that reduces waste and maximises productivity;

Attention to the needs of its customers makes it possible for Siderweld to evolve its methodologies in the production of drawn products and not only: anti-torsion winding technology, together with the design, development and in-house production of winding machines, have enabled Siderweld to offer reliable anti-torsion winding packages suitable for use in the most demanding welding applications.

A unique production process with planned process and product controls

Full monitoring and control of the chemical-physical parameters is ensured by the unique welding wire production process developed through many years of technical experience, plus the adoption of innovative technological solutions and the use of last generation machinery and equipment.

To guarantee the best and most consistent weldability performance, the production process firstly involves chemical pickling to remove oxides and contaminants to better prepare the surface for the subsequent drawing operations, the use of fully centralised processing lines and finally, the execution of planned and frequent controls on the processes, semi-finished and finished products.

Our products

Gas-shielded MIG arc welding wires
Gas-shielded TIG arc welding rods with infusible electrode