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The quality of our products
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Raw material procurement

Siderweld has always carefully selected its suppliers and raw materials in order to guarantee the consistency of its production processes and products.
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Raw material procurement

Consolidated Technical and Technological Know-How

Siderweld is constantly searching for new technologies and solutions: technical knowledge is refined and matured through experience, enabling the development of high-quality products.
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Consolidated Technical and Technological Know-How

Process and product controls

All Siderweld products are subjected to strict controls throughout the entire production phase. The Siderweld Quality Management System is recognised as conforming to ISO 9001, guaranteeing efficient process and product monitoring.
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Process and product controls


Sustainability and values

Customer orientation

Attention to human capital

Pursuit of sustainability

Choosing innovation


Siderweld Bronzed Wire

Springing from Siderweld's continuous commitment to the development of new technologies and the pursuit of an ideal of sustainability is the BRZ line, bronzed wires that minimise emissions by eliminating harmful elements such as copper and at the same time offering better welding performance.
Increased protection against corrosion
Improved arc stability for unrivalled results

Our products

Gas-shielded MIG arc welding wires
Gas-shielded TIG arc welding rods with infusible electrode